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Head Coach Jon Gruden <3's Starting Quarterback Jeff Garcia

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The St. Pete Times relays one of the more heart-felt stories of the off-season ..... Head Coach Jon Gruden professes his LOVE for new Starting Quarterback Jeff Garcia:

"I love Garcia," Gruden said recently. "I like what he's doing a lot. I just think he's got some traits we haven't had around here - his mobility, his experience."

You guys are sick. Come on Jon, let him prove himself before you declare your love for the guy. Sure stand behind your guy, but dang, your setting yourself up for some ridiculous criticism if the season progresses, Garcia bombs on the field, and you stick with him through it. I'm all for believing in your players, but come on this is gross. Get a room. I'm sorry ...... "I love you Jon" ...... Will you take me back? Circle "Yes" or "No" .....

Hat Tip to kmac68k12 for the story