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Mike Vick pleads Guilty in Dog Fighting Fiasco


Surely you've all heard by now that Atlanta Falcons QB Mike Vick has pleaded guilty in regards to an ongoing Dog Fighting-Gambling Ring he's obviously played a part in. The Vick situation shouldn't surprise ANYONE, unless you happen to look down and see that you're wearing a #7 Mike Vick Jersey. If that's you, you gotta be crushed right now. Take a step back from the ledge good buddies. Everything is going to be okay, you have QB Joey Harrington poised to step in (if you read that and dont snicker, you're just NOT HUMAN!!!) ... anyway we've talked about the ramifications of this situation to great lengths, so just know that the Falcons no longer have one of the more exciting QB's in the league to watch and that the guy could go to jail for 18-36 months. As with everything else in this life ... We Will See ... and if you see a Falcons Fan, Don't laugh at them, just give them a head nod ... respect their situation Buc Fans!!

The NFC South has just gotten a heck of a lot more interesting (or less interesting if you're a Falcons Fan). ESPN is reporting that Atlanta Falcons Quarterback Mike Vick has officially been indicted for his alleged involvement in a dog fighting ring. Here are the charges Vick faces:

Vick faces a maximum of five years in prison and a $250,000 fine for violation of the Travel Act as well as a year in prison and a $100,000 fine for participation in an animal fighting venture.

I guess ESPN will have to update their team rankings, huh? I think its absolutely clear that Vick at the very least will be suspended by the league. I'm disappointed in the fact that he had a good thing going in the league and I hate for an opponent to not be 100% when we play them, BUT OH WELL.

In case you were living underground over the past few months, here's the short story of what took place at the home Vick owned in Virginia that was occupied by his nephew .... At the home were 70 Dog Kennels, 60+ malnourished/scarred/filthy Pit Bull Dogs, and materials associated with dog fighting (rape stand, altered treadmill, and bloodied pieces of carpet).

Sure Vick only owned the home and claimed to had not known of his nephews transgressions; the only problem with that story, is that Vick himself is the owner of a Pit Bull breeding business. Too coincidental? Yeah, we think so too.

Is it becoming abundantly clear that Mike Vick is not a good guy? The water bottle with a secret compartment incident, the blunt in hand via a myspace photo, the whole separate life of Ron Mexico and now the Dog-Fighting saga.

I'd just like to leave you folks with the notion that the starting Quarterback for our division rival Atlanta Falcons is shaping up to be Joey Harrington by every passing day. This isn't to say we should mark down wins in the Atlanta scheduling column, but you'd be lying if you didn't think our chances were better against a Vickless football squad. You gotta feel for Falcon nation on this issue, especially coming off an off-season in which they traded away stud back-up Quarterback Matt Schaub.

Be sure to checkout The, our Atlanta Falcons Blogger, for more updates on the Mike Vick Saga and at least go over there and offer your condolences!!! Sorry Dave! Hey! Maybe you guys will go after Daunte Culpepper, heh ....