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I know this is fairly early in the off-season to implement, but what the heck. Training Camp is just around the corner so I might as well kick the dust off this potential ATTENTION GRABBER right now! Here's how this chart works: An Up-Arrow means the athlete's stock is on the rise, though it doesn't necessarily mean they are particularly likely to make the club. A Down-Arrow means they aren't doing so hot. Double Dashes means the player is neutral, the player isn't on the rise or down fall. A Lock means the player is starting barring injury or hail fire.

Potential Open Spots: Full Back, Wide Receiver, Tight End, Left Guard, Center, Defensive End, Middle Linebacker, Strong Safety, Free Safety.

I'll post an updated list once a week or so, as circumstances encourage me to do so.

Player, Position Comment
Nick Mihlhauser, C
Acquired by the Bucs when Dan Buenning went down last season, came from the San Diego Chargers' practice squad..
John Wade, C
Signed with Tampa Bay on March 10, 2003 after spending his first five seasons with the Jacksonville Jaguars.
Jonathan Clinkscale, C/G
Signed as an undrafted free agent on April 26, 2005.
Matt Lehr, C/G
Signed seventh-year center/guard Matt Lehr this off-season formerly of the Falcons.
Ronde Barber, CB
A main stay on the Bucs Defense for Years, no doubt starter.
Carlos Hendricks, CB
A regular on the Practice Squad and in the NFL Europa League (RIP).
Brian Kelly, CB
Kelly played in just two of the first six games last season while struggling to overcome a turf toe injury, then finally went on injured reserve before the seventh game last season. Should bounce back this season.
Torrie Cox, CB
Believe it or not, Torrie will be able to workout during Training Camp although he's been suspended for the first 4 games of the season due to breaking the leagues substance abuse policy.
Phillip Buchanon, CB
Could pressure CB Brian Kelly for the starting job, but highly unlikely. The first guy to play when Ronde or Brian need a breather.
Alan Zemaitis, CB
Fourth Round Pick last season, Injuries have slowed his progress.
Marcus Hamilton, CB
Drafted in the 7TH Round of this years NFL Draft, Mr. Irrelevant. Should be key on Special Teams.
Sammy Davis, CB
Also competing for a spot at Cornerback, but is several ticks down on the depth chart.
Jeremy Pittman, DE
Pittman participated in Tampa Bay's rookie mini-camp in early May on a tryout contract.
Kevin Carter, DE
Free Agent Acquisition this off-season. Stout Defensive Lineman. Should be a Starting DT on the line to open playing time for Gaines.
Simeon Rice, DE
Due for a stellar season, this is his walk year. He could either be the MVP of the Defense, Get traded Mid-Season, or completely BOMB.
Greg Spires, DE
Should remain a solid back-up for Gaines or Simeon.
Gaines Adams, DE
The 4th Pick in this years NFL Draft. An absolute beast rushing the passer, ridiculous feel for the game. Would be a shame if he didn't start right out of the gates.
Charles Bennett, DE
Helped provide depth on Buccaneers' defensive line during his first season in the NFL, appearing in three games and totaling two tackles.
Julian Jenkins, DE/DT
Played in 12 games his rookie season, providing depth on Buccaneers defensive line
Chris Hovan, DT
Should see A LOT of playing time stuffing the run, with Rice, Carter, and Adams on the field..
Darrell Campbell, DT
Signed to Tampa Bay's practice squad on November 27, 2006.
Jovan Haye, DT
Signed by the Buccaneers on October 25, 2006 and worked his way into the defensive line rotation last season.
Ryan Sims, DT
Signed this off-season with the Bucs, had a good college career at UNC (may have been due to Julius Peppers playing on the other side of the line).
Justin Frick, DT
Signed by the Buccaneers as an undrafted free agent on May 3, 2007.
Greg Peterson, RHP
Taken in the 5th Round of this years NFL Draft.
Ellis Wyms, DT/DE
Been an Anchor on the line for some time .... That time will continue this season.
B.J. Askew, FB
Signed this off-season. Great College Career at Michigan. Will get a ton of Playing Time over Alstott.
Byron Storer, FB
undrafted free agent signed by the Buccaneers.
Mike Alstott, FB
This should be his last Who-Rah ... Hope to hear some Chris Berman Rumblings this season.
Anthony Wollschlager, G
Mini-Camp tryout turned Roster Spot - former Miami Hurricane.
Jeb Terry, G
joined the Buccaneers as a fifth-round pick (146th overall) in the 2004 NFL Draft..
Dan Buenning, G
Coming off a tough injury last season, young guy should bounce back.
Davin Joseph, G
Concrete Starter on the Right Side of the line.
Arron Sears, G
Second Round Draft Pick this season, should certainly see playing time, if not start.
Matt Bryant, K
Provided one of the greatest moments of last season (not saying much, but very impressive individual performance).
Derrick Brooks, LB
Pro Bowl Linebacker, they should put a monument out in front of Ray Jay of Derrick Brooks likeness ....... Absolute Starting Class Act. Has NOT lost a step.
Antoine Cash, LB
was a solid special teams performer in his first full season with the Buccaneers....
Cato June, LB
Free Agent pick up this off-season. The obvious heir apparent to Pro Bowler Derrick Brooks.
Ryan Nece, LB
Nice Player, adds good depth to the position.
Barrett Ruud, LB
One of the more interesting players to watch come Training Camp, can he carry the responsibility and work load? I think so.
Quincy Black, LB
Another intriguing LB, has to see the field in order to maximize potential. Bigger Guns than Pittman? hmm
Evan Benjamin, LB
Signed with the Buccaneers on January 8, 2007.
Sam Olajubutu, LB
May 3, 2007 UnDrafted Free Agent out of Arkansas
Adam Hayward, LB
6th Round Draft Pick this past off-season.
Jamie Winborn, LB
Saw primary action on special teams last season....
Patrick Chukwurah, LB/DE
We have PLENTY of Linebacking depth.
Andrew Economos, LS
I graduated with a degree in Economics so I'm biased here ....
Sean Douglas., P
eh, punter, eh.
Josh Bidwell, P
Main stay in line-up.
Jake Plummer, QB
Jeff Garcia, QB
Hands down starter, stay healthy Jeff.
Bruce Gradkowski, QB
If Plummer shows up, he or Simms will have to be CUT .... wow (call me crazy, might be Simms)....
Zac Taylor, QB
Hello NFL Europa Practice Squad.
Chris Simms, QB
Fighting for clipboard duties, could be relegated to a release party should you-know-who show up ....
Luke McCown, QB
Bye Bye.
Earnest Graham, RB
Who will stay, him or Darby? prediction: Darby to Practice Squad.
Michael Pittman, RB
Tallies more receptions than any other season in his career, kickoff returner : (
Lionel Gates, RB
Signed to the Buccaneers' practice squad on September 4, 2006.
Carnell "Cadillac" Williams, RB
Bucs Fans are collectively hoping he has a GINORMOUS BREAKOUT season (or at least I am, he's once again on my Fantasy team)....
Kenneth Darby, RB
Supposed to push Pittman for 3rd Down Running Back, no chance .....
Sabby Piscitelli, S
Don't think he'll start initially, but could be come November ....
Jermaine Phillips, S
Was really exposed last season, has a lot to prove this season in order to remain the starter.
Tanard Jackson, S
Adds much needed depth to the position. Could surprise many.
Kalvin Pearson, S
A special teams standout for the Buccaneers
Donte Nicholson, S
Third-year safety prospect with good size who provides depth to Buccaneers secondary.
Will Allen, S
Took over as full-time starter in 2006, solid contributor.
Jabari Levey, T
Signed July 2nd, recently released by Raiders, LONG SHOT
Luke Petitgout, T
Veteran Tackle, provides leadership and great work ethic, if healthy, a real solid addition.
Anthony Davis, T
His make it or break it season ... Kenyatta Walker of `07....
Donald Penn, T
Signed with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on October 4, 2006.....
Dennis Roland, T
2006 Practice Squad Player ....
Chris Denman, T
2007 Seventh Round Draft Pick.
Jeremy Trueblood, T
Solid Starter on the Right side of the line, should be better due to experience.
Alex Smith, TE
Starting Tight-End, should see a jump in production due to NO Rookie QB or Batted down passes. No really he should
Matt Herian, TE
Signed as an undrafted free agent by the Buccaneers on May 4, 2007.
Anthony Becht, TE
should see a drop in production this year.
Keith Heinrich, TE
Not to be confused with the Bulls Kirk Heinrich.....Signed as a free agent by Tampa Bay on January 17, 2007
Jerramy Stevens, TE
Clearly on a short leash, needs to work on seeing the ball and catching the ball.
T.J. Williams, TE
Coming off a ruptured Achilles in 2006, could have a breakout season....
Maurice Stovall, WR
Giving big brother Michael Clayton a run for his money.....
Jovon Bouknight, WR
Signed with Tampa Bay on January 17, 2007....
Chad Owens, WR
Owens may be interesting as a punt or kickoff return option; he had eight return touchdowns during his collegiate career. Could he FINALLY end the drought?
Paris Warren, WR
Practice Squader, time to ish or get off the pot ..... you know?
Mark Jones, WR
Re-signed by the Buccaneers on December 5, 2006.
Chas Gessner, WR
Spent the entire 2006 season as a member of Tampa Bay's practice squad....
Chad Lucas, WR
Bucs' practice squad `06....
David Boston, WR
For the Second Season in a row, David Boston will attempt a comeback, tired yet?.....
Kyle Smith, WR
Undrafted signee ....
Joey Galloway, WR
You look back at the past three Madden Games Released, you should see that Galloways Speed attribute has NOT gone down and that pretty much mimicks real life. I don't know if he'd be a #1 on every team in the NFL, but he's definitely worthy of it in Tampa.
Ike Hilliard, WR
I never liked his playing ability, even when he was at Florida. I think we clearly have one of the weakest Wide Receiving Corps in the NFL. He's a good guy, but eh
Clayton, Michael, WR
An absolute make or break season. Which will it be? Keep your fingers crossed.

-- = Chance of making the team is even.
= Chance of making the team is going down.
= Chance of making the team is going up.

Martin Gandy put up a "Making the Team Meter" over at Talking Chop, as did my boy Eric over at Amazin Avenue and I liked it so much I decided to borrow it in true SB Nation fashion. Thanks fellas

Feel FREE to absolutely RIP me a "New One" over the opinions I have cast. I'm a fan just as much as you are, I could certainly be reading to much into certain bias' I have OR it could just be that I'm right and you're CRAZY. Tell me what you think ....... GO BUCS!!!!