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Couple things then I'll let you go

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Shelton Quarles is having a hard time trying to decide whether to continue his career or calls it quits. His main reason for hanging them up (aside from the Bucs releasing him), would be that he doesnt want to up root his family to a new city. His main reason for continuing to play would be because of none other than former Bucs staffer Rod Marinelli who is building a team in Detroit. Quarles should make a decision by the end of the week ...

Tight End Anthony Becht now has 20/20 vision thanks to lasik surgery he had performed two weeks ago. He should see a HUGE reduction in pass receptions due to a more experienced Alex Smith and the acquisition of Jerramy Stevens over the off-season. Anthony, why in the heck would you wait so long to do this procedure? ...

and finally LT Luke Petitgout see's the Offensive Line as shaping up to be:

LT - Petitgout, LG - Davis, C - Wade, LG - Joseph, LT - Trueblood ...... not exactly earth shattering news, but its sunday!!!!