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Remember Cadillac Williams? Sure you Do

With all of the off-field moves this off-season, coupled with the ever present Quarterback Competition between Jeff Garcia and Chris Simms, its easy to forget about our phenom Running Back in Cadillac Williams. Granted last season he didnt exactly run over the competition (798 Rushing Yards, Two 100 Yard Rushing Games), but I encourage you to find a positive individual achievement from last season, performance wise, other than the entire team gaining a years worth of experience. (I'll give you K Matt Bryants ginormous Field Goal)

Alot of people (including myself) thought Caddy was playing with an injury last season. As far as I know that wasnt the case. It's been reported today, that Cadillac may have lost a step last season due to all of the pass protecting he was introduced to. Michael Pittman handled the majority of those duties during Cadillac's Rookie Season. Williams took on pass protecting duties last season because he wanted to become an every down running back. To that I say, We're paying RB Michael Pittman right? He's on the payroll, correct? Make him PASS PROTECT!! With those arms it [pass protecting] should be his specialty. Anything that makes Caddy perform like he did in his Rookie campaign should be pursued. I'm not naive enough to think thats all that hindered Carnell's performance in '06. Defenses surely keyed in on him with QB Bruce Gradkowski under center.

The Jeff Garcia signing may prove VERY beneficial for Carnell "Cadillac" Williams this upcoming season.