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Former Gators/Current Bucs talk about Billy Donovan Situation

The Bucs Beat supplies us with a couple Gator Nation quotes from todays OTA session. Defensive End Kevin Carter had this to say about his alma maters coaching situation:

"I think he [Billy Donovan] realizes the best school in the known universe, the best place to be a college coach, is right there in Gainesville," Carter said. "I don't know why anybody would ever leave"

The best "known school in the universe" ... the University of Florida? Nah, Florida State is clearly, ahhh you do have the tie-breaker over us. I'll conceed for now.

Wide Receiver Ike Hilliard had a similar take to that of DE Kevin Carter:

"I still bleed orange and blue. If he goes back it will be great for the university. Obviously, the kids are going to come and want to play for him."

As far as the Billy Donovan situation goes ... I was ecstatic to hear that he decided to leave UF and join my Orlando Magic and I was angered (and not surprised, believe it or not) to hear that he wanted to leave Orlando and head back to Gainesville. The Magic flirt with the playoffs all the time, but the franchise is doomed. You don't let the greatest big man in the game (Shaq Daddy) get away from you and expect to be alright (EVER). That club has a few more years of suffering ahead of it. I can't fault a Coach for having reservations, at least he immediately had them and didnt wait until after the NBA Draft.

On a different note: Ike Hilliard is happy the Bucs didnt draft any Wide Receivers this off-season.

"That's a vote of confidence for us," Hilliard said. "We like our jobs."

Ike, you do know had Big Calvin Johnson been available at 4 these feelings would never exist? I know you know.