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We're giving Manning, McNabb, and Brees type money to who?

The Bucs have, in combined signing bonuses, roster bonuses and salaries, close to $20 million committed to Quarterbacks Jeff Garcia, Chris Simms and Jake Plummer this season. QB Bruce Gradkowski will make $360,000 -- if he makes the team. What a conundrum the Quarterback position has become for the Bucs. Let me repeat it, we're spending close to $20 Million on four QB's this season!!! Brett Favre, Tom Brady, Drew Brees, and Donovon McNabb all make substantially less than 20 mil a season. As a fan you can't help but feel like we're DEFINITELY not getting our moneys worth at the QB position. Maybe Jeff Garcia can make us forget all of these numbers.

Info courtesy of the Orlando Sentinel. Salary Info courtesy of the The Red Zone.