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Jerramy Stevens is "En Vogue"

Recently acquired Tampa Bay Bucs Tight End Jerramy Stevens says guys with his dimensions at Tight End have become "En Vogue" in the NFL, via the Buccaneers Team Site.

"Tight ends with my dimensions - the tall, down-the-field guy - have definitely come en vogue," Stevens said. "I want to be an all-around tight end. I don't want to feel like there's any reason why I should come out of the game"

I don't know what it is about this guy [Stevens], but I'd like to see him fail so guys like Alex Smith get their due (maybe its his past transgressions). Hopefully Jerramy has matured over this offseason and can prove to the fans that he is a good character guy worth supporting. The competition at Tight End will be one battle worth keeping an eye on this off-season. Alex Smith and Anthony Becht should both push each other to become better Tight Ends due to the addition of Jerramy Stevens.