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2k Sports "The Bigs" is finally in stores . . .

2K Sports Arcade Style Baseball Game, THE BIGS, is in stores now. To bad only owners of a XBox 360 or PS3 can play it.

Thus far I've heard the game is crazy addictive and extremely fun to play. The games move fast and the ridiculousness of the game isnt over bearing. When I was previewing this game it seemed 5 innings was all you could play, well thats only if you choose the "Play Now" option, choose "Exhibition Mode" and you can play a full 9 innings.

The downfall I heard was that there is No Season or Franchise Mode. Why even purchase a sports game if you can't play with your favorite team through a grueling season (and grueling is the word for baseball lovers, 162 games? In my adult hood I think I've only played a full baseball season once and that was on the Godly MVP Baseball simulation). Also the dive button for balls is the same button to throw to the catcher, so there could be alot of frustration there. Apparently at times the balls hit into the field seem to just jump into a defenders glove at weird angles. The final issue is with the computer making ridiculous comebacks when down in games. These are minor issues and occur occassionally.

There is an option in the game to take a Rookie and try to make it to the World Series, which in essence would feel like playing a season, but I don't enough about it to say for sure and I probably won't know for sometime without a new generation system. recently rated THE BIGS and gave it an 8.3 on the XBox360 and an 8.0 on the PS3. Here's a snapshot of's XBox360 rating (apparently the XBox 360 version supplies vibration when pitching, where the PS3 does not provide this):

At any Rate, all of you ballers can pick this game up at your nearest: EB Games, Wal-Mart, Target, whatever floats your boat!