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Bucs partner up with StubHub

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The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have announced their partnership with Ticket Distributer StubHub. The Bucs had previously had a sole partnership with Ticketmaster, but now with the addition of StubHub, Bucs fans should have a shot at several more ticket opportunities.

Aside from StubHub and Ticketmaster, you can also visit and as their both provided for you in the ride sidebar of this site under "GAMEDAY TICKETS" ....

Sound advice for any fan, don't visit one ticket site to purchase your tickets, visit several. Ticketmaster is currently only providing pre-season tickets, where as the other three ticket distributers are offering preseason and regular season tickets. But seriously shop around, you would be surprised at the differences in pricing around several of these online dealers.

Also checkout , just be careful with the people you purchase from on there. If they offer to meet you to deliver the tickets, almost always say NO. A couple years back, we bought tickets for the Florida-Florida State game (FSU WON!!!). The girl we bought them from ended up giving away our 4th row tickets and wanted to give us 2 tickets in the endzone and 2 tickets in the upper deck (we had to take them, but we were ultra pissed). Anyway, moral of the story ... Shop Around.

Also if any of you come around great ticket prices, don't EVER hesitate to let the rest of us know in the diary section or just through any post!!!