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Former TE Dave Moore to bring perspective to Broadcast Booth

Joanne Korth of the St. Pete Times relays an interview with former Bucs Tight End Dave Moore that could translate into a very interesting broadcast for Buc Fans come Game Time. One of the more interesting stories was of a conversation Dave and his wife had just before leaving the stadium to go home:

When I played fullback I had a tendency to knock myself out. My wife, Ann, and I were at the old stadium, got into my truck one day and I was kind of sitting there. She was like, "What are you waiting for?" "I don't remember where we live." She said, "Out! Out! Get out of the truck now. I'm driving." She's certainly been through the wringer.

You won't get that type of inside story from Tony Kornheiser and Ron Jaworski. Moore on the type of broadcaster fans can look forward to:

"The kind of player I've always been, I had to pay attention to the details. I was always undersized and had to be very good at technique and learning defenses and anticipating what was going on around me. Hopefully, I can take that and be a guy who can give something to the people listening about the game and why things happen and what to look for."

Couple Dave's nuances of the game with Gene's ROARING enthusiasm and we might just forget a game is going on. Especially if a repeat of last year takes place ... (4-12)