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Bucs Sign TWO Rookies and Release FOUR

...UPDATE... On Sunday the Bucs signed Rookie Cornerback Marcus Hamilton from the University of Virginia. Marcus was a 7th Round Draft Pick this off-season and looks to pick up the slack should Brian Kelly have reoccuring foot problems.

On Friday your Tampa Bay Buccaneers signed their 1st Rookie of the offseason. That lucky Buc-to-be was CB Tanard Jackson who was drafted in the 4th Round of the NFL Draft. Contract details were undisclosed. GM Bruce Allen recently said that he thought signing the Rookies would be highly successful and he didnt lie (or waste any time). Tanard looks to push Brian Kelly to stay healthy and could be a key back-up at Cornerback. There have also been talk of him switching over to Safety (which isnt a bad idea). Add this to the plethora of competitions to keep an eye on come Training Camp in late July.

With the Signing of Rookie Tanard Jackson came the need to make roster space and GM Bruce Allen accomplished this by cutting four players:

FB Jon Goldsberry (Played on the Practice Squad last season)
TE C.J. Leak (Picked up this off-season)
WR Efrem Hill (Picked up this off-season)
CB Chaz Williams (Picked up this off-season)

Gentlemen its been a pleasure, If we don't see you, keep on keepin' on!