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Bucs call Safety Donovin Darius, + Other News

The Tampa Bay Bucs picked up the phone this week, specifically GM Bruce Allen did, and called recent Jaguar Release, Veteran Safety Donovin Darius. Thats seems about as far as a Darius signing will go:

"We've checked into Donovin Darius, " Allen said. "But we like where we're at right now."

You've gotta admire Allen for at least not leaving any stone unturned.

DE Charles Bennett may not be able to play until the 7th Week of the upcoming season due to a left knee injury. That narrows the d-line competition to what 34 other players? i kid

Don't look now, but Chris Simms could be the teams 3rd string Quarterback or even worse. He didnt receive any Reps with the Offense on Wedsnesday and with practice canceled thursday, thats all he'll receive until late July. What happens if Mr. Retiree comes back, ewww.

GM Bruce Allen expects to sign his recent crop of draftees fairly effortlessly. I hope he's right.

source: St. Pete Times