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The Bucs GO BOWLING . . .

... UPDATE ...

I went bowling this sunday (two weekends in a row) and I bowled a 101, 181, 124, 134. Not bad, just wanted to boast a little bit. Perk of writing for this blog. Carry on

Just about every Tampa Bay Buc on the roster spent Wednesday afternoon at the Bowling Alley. The team (coaches included) needed and deserved a break from the practice field and got it in the form of Homer Simpsons favorite past time: BOWLING

The individual Winner of the days Bowling extravaganza was none other then 3rd Year Running Back Cadillac Williams. He bowled an afternoon high (and my personal best) of 214. Punter Sean Douglass was next in line with a high of 187, and Wiley Veteran LB Derrick Brooks came in third with a single game high of 183 (barely nipping fourth place finisher Michael Clayton).

Simms finally enjoying the Competition

The Team was split into groups of FOUR and the teams with the highest total of points combined through two games were crowned the victors. Those honors went to Cadillac Williams, Tanard Jackson, Anthony Becht, and Julian Jenkins who finished with 1,179 points. The first place losers (2nd Place) ended up being Derrick Brooks, Earnest Graham, Gaines Adams, and Phillip Buchanon with 1,144 points.

Pittman showing some trickery

My favorite Buc in Cornerback Ronde Barber, took home the honors of posting the lowest combined score between the two games of 162 ... Ronde had this to say:

"Nobody is going to care about those scores tomorrow," said Barber, "but they'll remember hanging out and having a good time with their teammates."

Ronde, those memories of your score may last a little bit longer, especially after Head Coach Jon Gruden gave the team a break by canceling Thursday's Mandatory Mini-Camp. Thats alright Ronde, I went bowling last weekend and bowled a 101, 89, and a 124. Granted I hadnt bowled in about 3 years (and Bud Light was in my system), but I also have my own shoes and ball so its even that more embarrassing .... Whats your high score? Once in Highschool I had 6 Strikes in a Row, no joke!