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Hey Jeff Garcia: JUST SHUT UP!

In what is clearly the most asinine quote of the off-season (provided by the Bucs Beat) ..... Today during the teams mandatory Mini-Camp, QB Jeff Garcia provided his opinion in response to being asked what he thought about the prospect of QB Jake Plummer joining the QB competition:

"That's fine. If he wants to come, he can come and sit on the bench with the others," Garcia said.

Are you kidding me? Granted I hope and pray Jake Plummer stays retired, but to have the audacity to say, if and when Plummer decides to return, that he can take his place on the bench with the rest of the inepts is just ridiculous. First of all, what in the hell have YOU accomplished in Tampa Jeff? . . . I'm waiting . . . Exactly, you havent accomplished a damn thing. Wow, talk about arrogance ... You act like your God's Gift to the Bucs Quarterback woes. I hope your teammates arent as offended by your comments as this Bucs fan is. Thats great veteran leadership there boy! . . . let me stop

By the way, Jake Plummer DID NOT show for Mini-Camp, although he was invited. Big Surprise right? Gruden and Co. are still holding out for Training Camp:

"We’re talking about Jake Plummer here, so we’ll reserve a roster spot for the Snake for a little while longer," said Gruden. "If it was Jake Jones or Jake Johnson or Jake Gruden we’d probably bypass the holding pattern that we’re in right now. This is one hell of a football player that has accomplished a great deal. At this point he’s retired and hopefully at some point he changes his mind or reconsiders. Until then, we’ll coach the guys that are here and move on with it."

eh, life goes on