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Simeon Rice and Arron Sears were inactive at Mini-Camp Today

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers started their Full Team MANDATORY Mini-Camp this morning. The doctors were unable to clear DE Simeon Rice to practice, so we'll have to wait until Training Camp Begins on July 27th in order to see if he'll be ready for the upcoming season. Gruden seems confident that Rice will be able to play come Training Camp:

"He's going through his rehab and he's not fully able to participate at this point," coach Jon Gruden said of Rice. "Other than that, he's a guy who will be ready for training camp and a guy we missed last season, obviously."

Although he was unable to practice, Simeon Rice did show up for the Mini-Camp and conversed with his teammates.

Left Tackle Arron Sears, a 2nd Round Draft Pick this offseason for the Bucs, was also unable to practice today for unspecified reasons. Head Coach Jon Gruden said Arron had minor issues to deal with and that Sears would be available to practice come Training Camp. By the way, here's Grudens wackiest quote of the offseason in relation to Sears absence today from mini-camp:

"We hope Sears will [help us], or we’ll change his name to Wal-Mart."

Other notable absences from todays mini-camp were Luke Petitgout, Dan Buenning, Darrell Campbell and Charles Bennett. Petitgout actually practiced in the second part of the day, but missed the mornings practice. Buenning is still coming back from his injury and Bennett had ice on his left knee.

Sources: Bucs Official Site and St. Pete Times