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Jeff Garcia and Luke Petitgout are still disheartened by the Eagles and Giants decisions

Jeff Garcia is still experiencing sour grapes about the Philadelphia Eagles not re-signing him this past off-season. The Philadelphia Inquirer is reporting that while at Donovan McNabb's fundraiser for the American Diabetes Association this past Friday morning, Garcia had the following to say about being un-pursued by the Eagles this off-season:

"Here was finally a situation where I felt so comfortable and I felt like I had a good home and a good place, and I wanted to be able to experience more of that and, hopefully, not have to relocate all over again. That opportunity wasn't presented to me." Garcia said, "I felt personally snubbed."

In case you were wondering why he would opt for a back-up role behind McNabb rather than pursue a Starting Gig in Tampa, Garcia puts us at ease with his awakening:

"As much as I would have liked to continue here, now I have a chance to start and I'm in a place where I see a lot of similarities with the Eagles in Tampa Bay, as far as veteran leadership and quality guys in the locker room," Garcia said. "It's hard to replace that sort of situation. It's a good thing for me."

Arthur Staple of relays the shock of Left Tackle Luke Petitgout's Professional Career when he was let go by the franchise that drafted him eight seasons ago. Petitgout is still steaming over the way the situation unfolded:

"Yeah, I'm still a little bit upset with the way I was basically kicked out of the club," Petitgout said, "It's still a shock. In a perfect world, I'd have been the first-round pick who played 10 years at left tackle for the Giants and that'd be it. In the end, you're just a number."

Don't get Petitgout wrong, he's happy to be in Tampa

"I'm happy here in Tampa, we're working hard, [and] the facilities are unmatched." He can't help but wonder why he was let go, "I try to think of the things that warranted my release. Maybe the Seattle game [his five false-start penalties in 2005], things like that," he said. "But they never gave me a solid reason. Reese [Giants GM] just said they had guys who could play my position who were younger."

It's hard to feel bad for guys that are making tons of money to play a game, but they are human beings and being told you're no longer needed/wanted is a tough thing to swallow, especially when your alternative is to pick up your family and leave the place you called home for all of those years [in Luke's case]. As for Garcia, come on man, when has Philly ever paid two Quarterbacks? Not to mention there's no guarantee McNabb gets injured and you once again become the starter. I typically don't like to post stories like this since they seem to accomplish pretty much nothing, but its two of our most important acquisitions of the off-season so there you go!