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Mandatory Mini-Camp begins Tuesday

The Buccaneers Official Web Site has confirmed the teams intentions to hold a full-team mandatory mini-camp via a three day session that begins Tuesday June the 19th.

OTA's (Organized Team Activities) are officially over and Gruden hinted to a couple positions battles worth keeping an eye on:

Wide Receiver
Tight End

Basically theres competition every where except Quarterback (the one spot we would have thought to see competition), heh. In terms of team versatility, Gruden had the following to say,

"Some of these guys have increased their versatility. Kevin Carter is playing four positions. Our linebackers have the versatility to move around. Our wide receivers can play three or four different positions, so it's going to make for a very interesting training camp" - this quote further pushes my point that he [Carter], along with Simeon and Gaines should ALL be on the field at the same time.

Simeon Rice, who's recovering from last seasons shoulder injury, will be in camp for this weeks mandatory mini-camp, but Gruden is unsure of whether he will be physically able to compete:

"That will be announced when he gets here" Gruden said. "We'll take a good look at him. He's made great progress, and we'll make that decision when we see him."

The Bucs will practice twice on tuesday and once Wednesday/Thursday while still going at it without contact. Gruden calls this a situational format, in that, each day a different segment of football is emphasized.

Starting Quarterback Jeff Garcia had the following to say about offensive gameplans that will be implemented this season:

"The scramble drill is going to be an effective part of our game this year," Garcia said. "And scripted movement plays are going to be something we utilize and hopefully can do effectively. Those are additions to our offense that I think are going to be very positive for us." - St. Pete Times

Hopefully the "Scramble Drill" doesnt become something this offense relies on heavily, if so, it could be a very long season.