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Folks we are finally COMPLETE, our NFC South that is . . .

With the addition of Canal Street Chronicles, SBNation's newest Blog for the New Orleans Saints and current NFC South Division Title Holder, our community of NFC South Divisional Bloggers is complete (Mouth Full I know). Make sure you head over to these folks sites when we womp their respective teams on the corresponding sundays. Dave blogs for the Falcons, Jaxon for the Panthers, and Sunil for the Saints. I look forward to some HEAVY VERBAL ABUSE this offseason/season.

While I've got your attention, head over to SBNation's brand new site. Well I guess its not exactly new, but its remodeled and looking gorgeous. If your anything like me, you not only LOVE the BUCS and VISIT Buc'Em religiously, but you probably follow other teams just as closely such as the New York Mets, Florida State Seminoles, and North Carolina Tar Heels (yes i just gave you a rundown of the teams i LOVE). Over at you can find just about any team you follow and a blogger that follows them as passionately as you do. So, go ahead, go on over there. Just don't tell your Girlfriend or Wife of your new addiction.