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Should the Bucs consider these Free Agents?


Apparently LB LaVar Arrington got into a serious Motorcycle accident this afternoon. The injuries arent life threatening (thank the lord), but they may prove to be career threatening. This is saddening news for me, as LaVar seemed like a great individual with a passionate personality. He sustained a broken arm and three broken bones in his leg. He was/is currently a free agent and looking for a roster spot. This is obviously a bump in the road for him. Good Luck LaVar and we here at Buc'Em hope for a speedy recovery.

Should the Bucs look into signing these remaining Free Agents to round out the ball club?

#1: Kick Returner - Michael Lewis aka Beer Man

Michael Lewis was recently released by the NFC South Champion New Orleans Saints ... Before you say NO! on signing him consider the facts: The Bucs have never ever returned a Kickoff for a touchdown (stating the obvious, i know), but did you also know that the Bucs Return men ranked No. 30 out of 32 teams last season in Average Kickoff Return Yardage, with RB Michael Pittman (who we ALL know is the furthest thing from a Kick Returner) providing 22.2 yards per return. Where as Michael Lewis ranked in the middle of the pack at 14th with 24.7 yards per return. Pittman had a long return of 37 yards, where Lewis had a long of 51 yards. I know this isnt World-Beater numbers, but they are better numbers and he is a Return Specialist. We might as well put TE Alex Smith at wide-out, because thats what were doing with Pittman returning kicks. He's big and bulky and perfect for 3rd down and very short yardage situations, Kick Returning, not so much.

#2: Linebacker - LaVar Arrington

Okay my reasoning for LaVar is completely star-biased. I've followed his career since he left Penn St. I've seen him on a home-improvement show, and what can I say, I like the guy. Thus, why not campaign for his signing? Truthfully thats about as far as I can go with the campaign, it'd be different if he were a middle linebacker and a lot easier to sell, but he's not AND we've got two GREAT OLB in Derrick Brooks and Cato June. Add Quincy Black, Jamie Winborn, and Patrick Chukwurah to that list and we have PLENTY of depth. I'd still love to see LaVar in Tampa though.

#3: Strong Safety - Donovin Darius

The Jags recently released Darius, one of the main stays of the organization. He's like the Fred Taylor of their defense without all of the nagging injuries. The Bucs Safety issues were well documented last season, but they've also been somewhat patched with the draftings of Sabby Piscitelli and Tanard Jackson. Four year veteran Will Allen and starter Jermaine Phillips round out what should be a very serviceable unit, BUT there is a lack of Veteran Leadership among the group and its been said (and witnessed) that Phillips didnt exactly shine in the spotlight last season. I think the signing of Donovin Darius would certainly help the secondary and give the Rookies time to adapt and mature, but he may want a little more money than the Bucs can afford.

so what do you think, pass on all three? I think Lewis, at the very least should be given some serious thought.