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Video Game Awareness: 1 to Rival Madden? 1 Worth a Heads Up

2K Sports, the Video Game Franchise responsible for MLB 2K7 and NBA 2K7, among other titles, is embarking on a new product that may rival and push EA Sports Madden Franchise to new heights with their new Football Title: All-Pro Football 2K8

The major selling point for All-Pro Football 2K8 will be the headliners aka past NFL All-Pro's it has signed up to be featured in this football simulation. Here's just a few of the names that have signed up to be in the game: Barry Sanders John Elway Joe Montana Jerry Rice Johnny Unitas Walter Payton Troy Aikman Dan Marino. Theres over 240 All-Pro's in the game!

The toughest selling point for this title will be to recreate a real football atmosphere. With EA Sports exclusive partnership with the NFL for Team Specific Licenses in terms of Authentic Logos and Stadiums, All-Pro Football 2K8 will have its hands full. I know when I finish a season on Madden I typically simulate the Pro Bowl game. I just don't care to play it. Is it the gimmicky unis? Probably not, but they don't help.

Where 2K Sports can absolutely beat the brakes off EA Sports is in the Gameplay Department. It's basically what all Sports Games come down to. Take EA's MVP Baseball Franchise, the Gameplay was absolutely perfect and some gamers continue to play the game with updated rosters thanks to websites like and the last version of that game was released in 2005. Every Madden gamer knows we've been getting the same game for the past three to four years with just updated rosters. Hopefully All-Pro Football 2K8 can push the Madden Developers to new heights.

So when does this Monster come out? July 16th, 2007 ... The downside is that the game will ONLY be available for owners of a XBox 360 or Playstation 3 ... Those that can only afford a PS2 or XBox will wait for Madden which is set to be released August 14th, 2007.

Be sure to checkout the Video of All-Pro Football 2K8 below:

...UP NEXT... 2K Sports ... The Bigs

For those of you that were disappointed with MLB 2K7 and MLB '07 The Show ... 2K Sports may have your fix in The Bigs, a new arcade style baseball title. The visuals alone that this title brings should spark your interest. On top of all that flash seems to be a splitting image of a well put together baseball game. The game provides in game drama with "Power Blast Activation" which essentially has the batter locked into the pitcher and ready to launch a towering homer, the game provides Robbing Homers with button combinations that must be executed to make the catch, home plate collisions are also a staple of the game.

The Visuals in this game, basically the player movements, remind me alot of the World Series Baseball Franchise from the Sega Saturn System (RIP). One can only hope this game rivals those visuals. The thing that kind of irks me about arcade games is that they stray away from general baseball normalities like going 9 innings and such. In all of the video's I've seen, the games go 5 innings, which is kind of pointless. It'd be like a football game going 3 quarters. Why would you?

The Bigs is expected to be released on June 25th, 2007.

Checkout the Video Below and Put on some SUNGLASSES would you!!

And that wraps up my video game fill. Hope I didnt run you guys off