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Simms VS Garcia Take I


Apparently QB Chris Simms has developed a couple bad habits in terms of his throwing mechanics and Gruden favored Garcia's Mobility to Simms lack of mobility. Info via the Bucs Beat

So, Tampa Bay Bucs Head Coach Jon Gruden has announced that Quarterback Jeff Garcia is currently his starting QB.

"Jeff is the starting quarterback on this football team and at some point we've got to make it public"

The St. Pete Times,, and the Tampa Tribune among other media outlets have reported this news. This news is even getting play on ESPN's Pardon The Interruption and Sportscenter. My question is: What is so ground breaking about this discovery? If you didn't realize Jeff Garcia was this teams starting Quarterback the day he signed here, SLAP YOURSELF. Okay, maybe that was a little harsh. SLAP YOURSELF again!! Gruden's been trying to lure Garcia to the Bucs for several off-seasons now and he finally has his man.

Add the fact that this is considered, by many, Gruden's "Make it or Break it" season and he is all but forced to turn to the veteran.

I honestly have no problem with Garcia getting the nod this early:

#1: Chris Simms clearly doesnt get disturbed by basically being tossed to the side.
#2: Garcia would completely FLIP had he not been declared the Starter, regardless of his current "For the Team" remarks.
#3: There's no point in giving First-Team Reps to another QB who has ZERO shot at taking the starting gig .... Lesson learned in '06
#4: Garcia is the better Quarterback at this stage in his career, sorry Chris