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Chad Johnson aka Ocho Cinco Races Horse, kind of

In what is the weirdest event of the Off-Season, hands down, Cincinnati Bengals Wide-Receiver Chad Johnson who's affectionately known as "Ocho Cinco" raced a horse over the weekend. Thats right, read that again. He raced a horse and WON believe it or not.

Let me just say that the man had a 100 meter head start. I'm not even going to talk about how he could have stumbled his way into a season ending injury (torn acl anyone), because he did do this event for publicity, i mean, charity purposes. My main gripe about the whole thing is that he had a 100 METER head start!!! Then after he beat the horse (and he should have), he immediately stated how he would like to fight Floyd Merriweather in the ring, Play Kobe/Lebron One-on-One, and how he would like to Race a couple laps around the track with Jeff Gordon. If these events were to take place, would he get: 100 Jabs into Merriweather before Floyd was allowed to strike back? Would he front himself 10 points against Kobe/Lebron in a game to 11? Would he ride "Shotgun" in a car that Jimmy Johnson is driving only to jump in the drivers seat when the victory flag is waved? These are legitimate questions . . .

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Here's the Video for those interested: