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Sports Talk Radio Commercial Rant

I know you've all heard it. The commercial that plays on your favorite Sports Talk Radio Station on the hour of every hour. The "10-20-LiFe" Commercial, that is supposed to scare the BeJesus out of potential criminals thinking of breaking the law. My only question is . . . WHY? Why is this commercial broadcast on my Sports Talk Radio Stations? Does the Florida Department of Corrections really think this is the right avenue to further awareness?

How many gangsters, killers, and common criminals listen to Sports Talk Radio? Specifically Sports Talk Radio in the 7am-12pm time slot? Even if those types of society listened to Sports Talk Radio, are they really going to listen to the 10-20-LiFe jingle and stop their heinous acts? The answer is no! So please (Department of Corrections) think before you waste advertising dollars in sectors that dont benefit from further awareness. Thank You and have a good weekend!