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Cornhusker Nation, Don't get your Hopes UP!

The Bucs Beat puts a positive spin on Nebraska QB Zac Taylor's chances of making the Bucs Roster ...... well Buc'Em is here to squash that. Zac has as much of a chance to make the team as RB Kenneth Darby. Which isnt saying much.

Both players are vying for a position that is completely stacked on the depth chart. Let's go through the laundry list:

At QB:

Jeff Garcia
Chris Simms
Bruce Gradkowski
Jake Plummer
Luke McCown
Bruce Eugene

Two of these QB's are guarenteed roster spots: Garcia and Simms. Gruden devoted an entire season to QB Bruce Gradkowski when he could have opted for the veteran in QB Tim Rattay. It would be a ridiculous waste to cut Bruce Gradkowski. All of this doesnt even factor in the potential Plummer mess, so in a nut shell, Zac my man: Good Luck and maybe next year!

As for RB Kenneth Darby from Alabama, the list is almost as long:

RB Cadillac Williams
RB Michael Pittman
RB Earnest Graham
RB Lionel Gates

The only shot Darby has is on Special Teams or the Scout team. There's no way he leaps Williams, Pittman, or Graham on the depth chart.

As with everything, we'll see . . .