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Julius "Big Head" Peppers Watch

I'm gonna go ahead and put it out there . . . I have a MaN CrusH on Julius Peppers, always have, always will. I'm a BIG North Carolina Tar Heels fan and I've followed this mans career from day one. From the time he dunked nasty style on Shane Battier's face, to the time he dominated the Auburn Tigers in the Peach Bowl in 2001 (i was there, thank you collegiate jesus!). I even have Three Authentic Peppers Jerseys in my closet (i know, shame on me). I just wanted to put a spotlight on this very interesting information and to inform General Manager Bruce Allen of the player he should focus upon in the coming off-seasons. For the record, DE Julius Peppers becomes a Restricted Free Agent next off-season. It's widely assumed that if Carolina doesnt extend his contract this year (there's rumors they're jumping on it) that they will definitely franchise tag him next off-season. He becomes an unrestricted free agent in '09. Anyway I just wanted to let these facts be known. I'll refrain from starting a countdown to when Julius becomes a free man ... but if it gets closer to his Free Agency, WATCH OUT! countdowns may run rampant here at Buc'Em

Checkout JockBio for a great, BIO, on the man that is Julius Frazier Peppers.