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Gruden getting into DE Gaines Adams already

Chris Harry of the Orlando Sentinel relays a few words Gruden had to say about DE Gaines Adams and the type of shape he needs to get into:

"He's a talented guy, but so are some of the other guys that he's going to go up against,'' Gruden said of Adams. "He's got to get himself off the NFL Network a little bit, get out of those fancy clothes he's been wearing for the last two months and get his [rear] in gear here with us.'' Gaines also felt he needs to get in gear: "I just wish I hadn't eaten so much the last few weeks.''

It's good to see Gruden jawing with the best of `em. Gaines thats excuse No. 1. I'm only messing with you. I wouldnt keep a running tallie!!! heh