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Gruden talking about Seattle EARLY in CAMP!!!

Head Coach Jon Gruden has repeatedly talked to players about their first test of the season that comes in the form of the Seattle Seahawks. Here's a sample of what Gruden's been preaching via the Bucs Official Site:

"I wanted to send a message to them, not in [a] sinister way but in a realistic way, that we play Seattle on the road to open the season," said Gruden. "Gaines Adams has to get ready for Walter Jones. Quincy Black and Adam Hayward, if you want to play you better know who Shaun Alexander is because he's going to go wire-to-wire and he's going to bring 223 pounds in between the tackles repeatedly. We've got to be ready for that."

IF that doesn't get you pumped for the Opener I don't know what will. It's only :::GASP::: 124 Days away . . . until