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Gaines Adams must BATTLE to START? What!?


Apparently Roy Cummings of the St. Pete Times also heard that DE Kevin Carter could be slated to start at under tackle, thus giving DE Gaines Adams a starting slot opposite of DE Simeon Rice. Which only makes sense to have your BEST players on the field at all times.

I've heard this line about three or four times this off-season: "Gaines Adams will have to battle DE Simeon Rice for playing time." Huh? Say What?

I could have sworn that when DE Kevin Carter was brought in during this Off-Season via Free Agency, that he acknowledged and was in favor of potentially moving to DT to help the Bucs if need be. Sooo if that's the case, why are we hearing time and time again that Rookie DE Gaines Adams is going to have to battle veteran DE Simeon Rice for playing time? Don't get me wrong, I don't feel anything should just be handed to a player, but we were 4-12 last season. that record doesnt fall entirely on the QB situation. Plus, You don't DRAFT a player with the 4th Pick in the Draft to sit him on the bench . . .

Educate me someone