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Safety making a name for himself . . . already

Gruden likes the "Italian Stallion," Safety Sabby Piscitelli. He had this to say in terms of Sabby's chances of playing right away this season:

"[Sabby] is a guy who is going to certainly make it interesting at safety with (Jermaine) Phillips and Will Allen,"

Sabby aspires to be as great as Safety John Lynch was while playing with the Bucs and you can't argue with him setting the bar that high right off of being Drafted. This kid obviously strives for greatness ... he wanted to make a name for himself at Oregon State and by his standards he did, now its time to see what kind of legacy he can leave for himself and Buc fans as a Tampa Bay Buccaneer. I think I speak for every Buc fan in that we hope Sabby turns out to be at best, half the player and man John Lynch was and still is.