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Tampa is HOT!

One of the reoccuring themes Coach Gruden has seen this past weekend are guys reeling from the heat. Gruden on the Hot Sun in Tampa:

"They need to understand that this [is] just a warm-up in terms of the sun," coach Jon Gruden said. "It's not even begun to swelter yet. We talked about that a lot. Our players need to educate themselves as to how to play at a high level in this kind of weather. And if they don't, they won't make this team. They won't play because conditioning is critical at this level of football."

Which is yet another reason why you should look more into the players coming out of the southern schools in the NFL Draft aka Florida State, Florida, Miami, South Florida etc. Those players grew up in this type of florida heat and are conducive to the type of wear and tear Florida's heat can put on a player. Of course you can't ignore players across the Nation either, but you should definitely look into the Local talent a little more.