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Arron Sears Tackle/Guard Tennessee #78

Weighing in at 328 lbs and measuring 6'4, the unquestioned leader of the Vols' offensive unit, Sears was not only a model of consistency in 2006, but had one of the finest seasons of any Tennessee offensive lineman in the history of the program. The powerful left offensive tackle received winning grades for blocking consistency in every game last season, and earned four perfect scores from the coaching staff. For his career, Sears finished with 26 starts at left tackle, six at right tackle, four at right guard and one at left guard.

He's versatile for sure, but I wouldn't say starting 5 Games at Guard over the course of his career, makes him any more equppied to start at Guard than any other Tackle in the league. He's clearly made out to be a Left Tackle, but with Luke Petitgout healthy and on the roster, he's going to have to battle Anthony Davis and Matt Lehr to become the starting Left Guard. How nice is it to actually have real talent competing to start on the line?

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