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OFF TOPIC: Donovan sinks teeth into Magic Offer


Orlando Magic Head Coach Billy Donovan has decided to return to the University of Florida. I can't express how deeply disgusted I am by this decision. Does anybody in society stick by their word anymore? Oh thats right, RB Clinton Portis does, eh. Billy, Come on Billy!

The Orlando Magic have finally made a decent Head Coach hiring and they've taken a HUGE bite out of the University of Florida Basketball Program in the same breath. Florida Gator Head Coach Billy Donovan has decided to JUMP to the NBA. Sorry Gator Fans, this is GREAT NEWS for this Orlando Magic Fan .... It's probably career suicide as not to many college coaches have excelled in the move from the NCAA to the NBA and he IS coaching the Orlando Magic, BUT there is hope Magic fans. The only question that remains is: Will he take Joakim or Horford if the opportunity presents itself?

Two Florida Gators posts in consecutive weeks, ewww.


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