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Bucs announced Non-Draftee Signings Today

Here's the Tampa Bay Buccaneers non-draftee signees who will be attending this weekends Rookie Mini-Camp. Included in this list are the players who have been given permission to try out for the Bucs. I DARE you to pretend like you know some of the players off this list. GooD LucK!

DE/FB Mike McFadden Grand Valley State
DT Justin Frick North Dakota State
LB Jerry Mackey Syracuse
LB Sam Olajubutu Arkansas
T Jed Prisby Hofstra
K Garrett Rivas Michigan
CB Kenny Scott Georgia Tech
FB Byron Stoner California

QB Zac Taylor Nebraska
QB Pat Julmiste South Florida
TE Matt Herian Nebraska
DT Casey Camero Duke

The Bucs also released DT Jon Bradley today. . .