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Gruden can't be serious

During yesterdays OTA's Gruden discussed the progression or lack-there-of with the implementation of the Shotgun into his play calling:

"We had a couple of bad snaps in the shotgun today," said Gruden. "For all of the people that wanted the shotgun we should send those plays to them."

You're kidding right? You're seriously downplaying the potential use of the Shotgun due to a couple bad snaps? Maybe, just maybe, its the personnel you should be second-guessing and not the proponents of the Shotgun Formation. I mean, if your center can't snap the ball 5 yards in the air to the QB on a consistent basis, take him the hell out of the line-up and put someone in who can facilitate such a strenuous task!!! This is ridiculous.

source: The Pewter Report