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Off-Topic: NBA Draft Lottery Tonight


The Lottery has completed: 1-Trail Blazers (good luck Greg, hope you have a strong will) 2-Sonics (it was nice knowing you Kevin) 3-Hawks 4-Grizzles 5-Celtics 6-Bucks 7-Timberwolves 8-my BOBCATS 9-Bulls 10-Kings 11-Hawks 12-76ers 13-Hornets 14-Clippers

Just in case your not a Mets fan and won't be able to enjoy watching them beat the brakes off the Braves tonight, I highly recommend you tune in (ESPN 8:30pm ET) or watch the 11pm Sportscenter for who won tonights NBA Draft Lottery.

I know, I'm reaching for straws here . . . bare with me . . . Good Luck Bobcats!!!