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NFL Draft may be a little bit Shorter

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is talking about moving the NFL's 1st Round Draft Time Limit from 15 minutes to 10 minutes. He is also talking about moving the NFL Draft from Saturday and Sunday to Friday and Saturday. These issues will be brought up to team owners within the following weeks and will be voted upon in order to be implemented.

I'm ALL for the shortening of the NFL Draft, the first round lasting an average of 6 hours is ridiculous. I can understand at least 8 minutes of time per draft slot given for potential trades and such, but if you're not sure who your gonna Draft when your team hits the clock, you're not gonna make it very far in this league. i.e. Mike Tice

As for the Draft being moved from Saturday/Sunday to Friday/Saturday ... I think thats great as well, as long as the Draft resumes around 10am on Saturday.

Count me in for anything that speeds the NFL Draft up and moves the date closer to fruition. How about you?