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The WAIT is over . . . Linkin Park has finally dropped another

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album . . .

1. Wake 2. Given Up 3. Leave Out All The Rest 4. Bleed It Out 5. Shadow Of The Day 6. What I've Done 7. Hands Held High 8. No More Sorrow 9. Valentine's Day 10. In Between 11. In Pieces 12. The Little Things You Give Away

It's been FOUR years since this band has released a new album. In that time, rapper Mike Shinoda released his own album, "Rising Tied" via band name FORT MINOR. Which sold well, but didnt really impress me (like he cares). I just thought the lyrics were watered down. I have yet to download, I mean buy this new album so hopefully they don't disappoint. The track thats been airing on the radio "What I've Done" doesnt even include rapper Shinoda so who knows what to expect from the rest of the album. I hope to update this post with a review of the album by the end of the week. SUPPORT YOUR ROCK GROUPS AND BUY THIS ALBUM (It has dropped ToDaY) or download it and go to their concerts!!