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Garcia is going to be the Starter barring injury

If you have this vision of QB Jeff Garcia and QB Chris Simms battling each other this off-season to become the Bucs Starting QB, go ahead and wash that vision out of your mind. The job is clearly Jeff Garcia's to lose via injury and nothing else. Here's Head Coach Jon Gruden's take on the teams potential use of the Shotgun formation this season:

"We'll see how the roster finishes itself off and if Jeff Garcia has a shotgun comfort level." Gruden said. "We'll see if any of our other quarterbacks [his name is Chris Simms] do or not. We'll continue to work on it, but we're not going to make any more of a big deal about it than we have in years past."

QB Jeff Garcia is clearly the favorite and understandably so considering the money he's being paid. It's just sad that after losing your spleen for your team, you've become so easily replaceable.

I'm not even going to touch Gruden's reluctance to incorporate the Shotgun formation more prevalently this season. It's just not worth the time.

source: Roy Commings of the Tampa Tribune