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Gaines Adams NOT STARTING has to STOP


So as to not place complete blame on the St. Pete Times and the Bucs Beat, Head Coach Jon Gruden has been said to want to start Gaines at Right Defensive End. Clearly its only May, but this still makes absolutely NO SENSE, unless the Bucs plan on shipping SIMEON RICE OUT, who clearly has little to no value coming off an injury riddled season.

Why is it so hard to fathom DE Gaines Adams starting on this years Bucs defense? The Bucs Beat again mentions how Gaines might be used "situationally" this upcoming season.

What gives? I'm not even trying to argue the fact that we spent the 4th OVERALL PICK in this years NFL Draft on Gaines. My argument is that: Who is better than Gaines? Who? Ellis Wyms? Chris Hovan? Greg Spires? even Kevin Carter (to a degree)? I mean, what are we doing? This isn't a feeble quarterback who needs tutoring. You throw defensive ends out there from the get go, especially when their taken in the Top 10 of the Draft and you have absolutely NOONE worth starting in front of them. Plus DE Kevin Carter said he would be willing to play under-tackle.

Therefore as I see it (and I pray Kiffin does as well), you've got a healthy Simeon Rice as the Right Defensive End, you've got Chris Hovan and Ellis Wyms battling for one of the open Defensive Tackle Spots, you've got Kevin Carter moving to under tackle and we have Gaines Adams playing his NATURAL position at left defensive end. Is this so hard to understand? On a defensive line that mustered 15 sacks last season. Julius Peppers had 13 sacks last season by hisself! We're keeping potentially our best pass rusher on the sidelines? For what? Come on now