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Barrett Ruud? What do we know about him?

We know Ruud was chosen in the 2nd Round of the same Draft that netted us RB Cadillac Williams and TE Alex Smith, the 2005 NFL Draft. We know Barrett Ruud is 6'2 241 pounds. We know Barrett played ball at the University of Nebraska before going Pro. We know he's excelled on Special Teams amassing 18 tackles and 1 fumble recovery over two seasons. We also know he started 5 games last season in place of injured Pro Bowl LB Shelton Quarles. Many know Barrett as a mild-mannered fellow but he showed fire/desire back in '06 after a team practice in the Florida Heat with this quote:

"Nobody plays to be second string." With that said, Barrett relayed this about his comfort in knowing the Bucs Defense, "[I know it] in and out"

Well Barrett your opportunity is here. What we don't know about Barrett is whether he'll be able to take on the task of starting 16 games for the Bucs. We don't know if he can relay calls from the sideline to the huddle on a consistent basis. We don't know if he can make adjustments before the snap, based on what the offense shows. We're not even sure as to what his pass coverage capabilities are.

We do know Barrett plays with a ton of hustle and effort, but will that translate on the big level? We'll have to wait and find out this season . . .