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Pewter Report's Dirty Dozen makes Sense

So earlier in the off-season I wasn't seeing eye-to-eye with writer Hugh MacArthur. I felt he was a little to matter-of-fact on the Jake Plummer situation. On what is his third edition of the "Dirty Dozen", its almost scary how often I agree with Mr. MacArthur. . .

"If Wisconsin left tackle Joe Thomas is gone and the Bucs are still sitting at number four, be happy if Okoye is the name called."

I would be ECSTATIC should such a scenario take place. Okoye is exactly what our defensive line needs: a young dominating force.

"if Peter King seriously thinks the Bucs are going to take a running back at number four, he is out of his Starbucks-sipping mind!"

The Bucs would look completely clueless to Draft RB Adrian Peterson with the No. 4 Pick in the Draft, not to mention, they would completely piss off Cadillac Williams and legions of Buc fans.

"the Bucs are not trading up to take Calvin Johnson, either. They just aren't. Get over it, people!"

the Bucs don't NEED to move up and Draft Calvin. I wouldnt be surprised if they did, but they have 9 Picks for a reason. Use them All Bruce!!

"there is no frigging way Tampa Bay is taking a quarterback in the first round."

I couldn't agree with you more. Gruden is on the proverbial Hot SEAT and drafting a QB is the last thing he should do (especially after starting a rookie in Gradkowski last season, there's no time for learning curve part ii).

"All hail, Billy Donovan!"

you know that saying, "Don't Hate, Congratulate."? Well Congratulations Gator Nation, being a hardcore Nole fan and soon to be alumni, your consecutive Championships have been difficult to swallow.