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Say Hello to Gaines Adams

FIRST and FOREMOST Gaines was a BUCS FAN Growing Up! Now that THAT is out in the OPEN.

Gaines Adams is a 6'5 260 POUND 23 year old ROOKIE and Your Tampa Bay Buccaneers 1st Round Draft Pick from Clemson University ... Gaines will be 24 years old when the season begins. If the Video below doesnt get you geeked up that Gaines is on our team, especially toward the end where he strips the ball from the field goal holder and rumbles down field for the 60 yard TOUCHDOWN, then you need serious HELP.

One of the more exciting things for NFL Draftee's is the opportunity to play their likenesses on EA Sport's Madden Football Video Game. Here's how Gaines feels about his future ratings in Madden '08:

"I'm expecting 99 down the road. I want 100, I'm expecting something high. But I know it's going to be kind of tough being my first year in the league. Hopefully within three years I'll be able to get that." -

Here's Gaines stat line from the '06 Season:

In 13 games, he finished with 62 total tackles, 17.5 tackles for loss, 12.5 sacks, two forced fumbles, and three fumble recoveries. I joked in the comments section and throughout the week leading up to the NFL Draft that I thought Gaines was a skinny guy and could line-up as a Wide Receiver due to his frame . . . well this morning, on WDAE's 620 Sports Talk Radio, they interviewed Gaines and he admitted to playing Wide Receiver in High-School (I KNEW IT!!! ), ha! Watch out Michael Clayton, Gaines might play two-ways this season.

In High School Gaines played 8-man football. When asked in his press conference what "Living on the Edge is for him, what's the craziest thing he's done", Gaines replied with "I don't live on the edge" followed by laughter from the entire room. Gruden chimed in with "This is a hell of a Press Conference." HaHa. Once you listen to Gaines, you will automatically notice that he's a soft spoken individual. He’s absolutely humble, determined, and had enough determination to finish his degree at Clemson. Gaines should certainly improve a defense that appeared sluggish last season (no help from the offense) and he could turn into a dynamic duo with DE Simeon Rice should he remain with the club this season.