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JAWS to replace Joe Theismann on MNF

I'm a little late with this news, but ESPN the WorldWide Leader in sports, other than College Baseball, has announced they have replace Joe Theismann in the Monday Night Football telecast with X's and O's man Ron Jaworski.

Jaws joins Tony Kornheiser (from PTI) and Mike Tirico in the booth for Monday Night Football Telecasts. I didn't necessarily dis-like Joe Theismann, but I can't say I'm sad to see him go either. He was to "matter-of-fact" for me with his opinions. I'm waiting for the day when Paul Maguire returns to the booth. I just loved the guys emotion for the game. I don't need someone telling me the in's and out's of the game; I just need someone that can either spark my interest when the 4th quarter begins at 12am ET or someone who allows the game to speak for itself. Ron Jaworski should be a good fill in, because he has a great relationship with Kornheiser and he has a real love for the game. For Jaws, he no longer has to watch NFL Films for at least one night a week.