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LB Cato June: Eager to get Started

Jamie Winborn yelled to Cato June, "You've gone and done it now," ... "You've done broke the cardinal rule and gone out there before we were called." Of course Jamie was kidding around with Cato June, who had taken the practice field before LB's were called upon, reports

Cato is ready, as are many Buc Fans, to get this thing rolling and put that 4-12 record behind us. Aside from wanting to get a head start on things, Cato dispelled the idea that size is what makes the LB position. "Size is overrated" June said, "A lot of times people get into a numbers game where, He's this height and he's that weight and he runs this fast. All of that doesn't matter once you put that helmet on and you go out on the field. It's all about making plays, getting to the football." That's the point I was trying to make while petitioning for the Bucs to give LB Buster Davis from Florida State a look in this years NFL Draft. June also expresses how important it is for him to be able to learn from a LB Legend in Derrick Brooks. The article is a good read.