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Off Topic: Chevelle New CD Vena Sera Released Today

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Chevelle has finally dropped another album! It's been three years since their last Album "This Type of Thinking" was released. Chevelle's latest effort "Vena Sera" picks up right where they left off in '04. Their first single off the album "Well Enough Alone" smacks you right in the face with lead singer, Pete Chevelle's Screeching Vocals. "The Fad" which is sure to please the ears, could easily be the next radio release for these guys. The crunching guitars coupled with the aggresive chorus are worthy of pressing repeat on the stereo. To me Chevelle's sound tends to blend together toward the end of the album with Humanoid, Paint the Seconds and Midnight to Midnight. The 10th song on the album "I Get It" is a little different for Chevelle in that the style of the song is somewhat light. I've only listened to the album for the past three days so it's hard to say whether its better than "Wonder What's Next", but it's definitely got potential. It'd be nice to see Chevelle make an album with about 5-8 tracks that are as aggressive or hard as "The Red" and "Well Enough Alone" and then follow up those tracks with an acoustic track. All in all, I definitely recommend anyone to buy this album or burn it if you have to. This album is Classic Chevelle. You won't be disappointed.

Here's the Tracklist:

1. Antisaint
2. Brainiac
3. Safewaters
4. Well Enough Alone
5. Straight Jacket Fashion
6. The Fad
7. Humanoid
8. Paint The Seconds
9. Midnight To Midnight
10. I Get It
11. Saturdays

Listen to snippets and/or Buy the Album here.