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It's over just like that i.e. NFL Draft

It's Official, the 2007 NFL Draft has finished ... Here's the obscure, I mean list of players the Buc's Drafted this weekend:

1 4(4) Gaines Adams DE CLEMSON
2 3(35) Arron Sears OG TENNESSEE
2 32(64) Sabby Piscitelli S OREGON STATE
3 4(68) Quincy Black OLB NEW MEXICO
4 7(106) Tanard Jackson CB SYRACUSE
5 4(141) Greg Peterson DT NORTH CAROLINA CENTRAL
6 8(182) Adam Hayward ILB PORTLAND STATE
7 4(214) Chris Denman OT FRESNO STATE
7 35(245) Marcus Hamilton CB VIRGINIA
7 36(246) Ken Darby RB ALABAMA

I'll attempt to give an opinion on these picks later, at this point its almost irritating to even acknowledge that the NFL Draft existed this weekend (As a Bucs fan that is, some teams had gorgeous drafts, see the cardinals/browns) . . .