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GooD MorninG and HappY DrafT DaY to YOU!

The NFL Draft begins in a little less than 3 HOURS, excited yet? Here's a couple nuggets to munch on while we wait for the Raiders to be put on The Clock:

It's quiet in Raiderville and alot of folks believe the Raiders are leaning toward QB JaMarcus Russell. Last night they were close to signing QB Brady Quinn, hardy har har ...

Apparently the Raiders have striked a deal with a team for WR Randy Moss .... Why would you draft a QB, to then trade away your BEST Wide Receiver!? Al Davis, heh .... There are three teams believed to be interested in Moss: Packers, Patriots, and a lovely mystery team!

The word on the Rumor Mill is that the Detroit Lions will DRAFT WR Calvin Johnson and either hold on to him (SOAB) or deal him to Tampa, who would have to give up (whoever they pick with the 4th pick, likely Gaines Adams), a 2nd Round pick (bye bye Buster Davis), AND Cornerback Brian Kelly! Sweet heavens, Let the LIONS keep CAL Bruce! DRAFT AMOBI OKOYE, dont listen to the media and how its a reach, look at the guys body, he looks like a younger JULIUS PEPPERS and his guns rival MICHAEL PITTMAN, at 19!!!!!!!!

It's on Folks, buckle up!!!

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