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The Bucs First Day Picks . . .

No. 4

Presented by Buc'Em

Gaines Adams
Defensive End

"Adams, who is the most explosive pass-rusher in this class, should provide that much-needed shot of adrenaline for the Bucs. He has excellent first-step quickness and shows rare closing speed once he turns the corner. If he doesn't get to the quarterback, he generally gets his hands up and times his jumps well. The biggest concern with him is his ability to anchor against the run." - from

I'm not mad at this pick at all. We took a gamble by staying at the #4 spot and it didnt pay off. In a perfect world the Lions would have done the right thing, but again there's Matt Millen over there and combine that with Mike Martz and it was a no-win situation from the start. Alright enough about the could of, would of's. We drafted DE Gaines Adams. This man is a freak amassing 62 total tackles, 17.5 tackles for loss, 12.5 sacks, two forced fumbles, and three fumble recoveries as a senior for the Clemson Tigers. The guy is incredibly fast (4.64 40 at the combine) and he makes a living off his natural ability. This will eventually help DE Simeon Rice, should Gaines start right out of the gate and he will. The knock on Gaines is his size. He's got the height at 6'4, but the guy honestly looks like a wide receiver. How many wide receivers have you seen lined up at Defensive End? I rest my case. The other question mark is his ability or inability to stop the run. I understand we need a pass rusher, but will his lack of size limit his ability to get to the Quarterback? If I had to grade this Pick, I'd give it a A-. You could have gotten the same player, who is younger and has a much better frame, but you went with the media's "Best Available Player." Not a bad player to get stuck with by any means.

No. 35

Presented by Buc'Em

Aaron Sears
Offensive Guard

"Where Arron Sears lines up will also have an impact on how strong of a pick this ends up being. If he lines up at guard, he would be a valuable addition because he is quick and strong enough to eventually excel there. If they drafted him as an insurance policy for injury-prone Luke Petitgout, it's a poor pick." - from

This to me was a good value Pick. We've got Anthony Davis and Dan Buenning at Left Guard (heh). Let me repeat that, no I think you get the picture. Sears played primarily Left Tackle in his career, but he also played Guard as well. Surely the Bucs drafted this man to groom him to be the Left Guard and possibly as insurance for free-agent pick up Luke Petitgout. It's good to see the Bucs stick to their gameplan and Draft the positions they need the most help at. Grade B

No. 64

Presented by Buc'Em

Sabby Piscitelli
Oregon State

"Piscitelli doesn't have the range to cover the deep half of the field. He's tough against the run and can make plays in coverage, but he just isn't fast enough to excel in the Cover 2 scheme." - from

Chances are alot of you have no idea who Sabby is. You can throw me in that boat as well, but after checking his stats, its hard to argue with this pick. In his senior season he had 75 total tackles, three tackles for loss, one sack, 11 pass breakups, and five interceptions. He has a knack for the interception totalling 15 INT's over his career, while taking one back for a TD. The guy has great speed (4.47 40 at the combine), is tough against the run, and can make plays in coverage, which is evident by his stats. The knock on Sabby is that he doesnt have the range to cover the deep half of the field. That's okay we only have WR Steve Smith, WR Marques Colston, and WR Joe Horn in our division, ouch. This was a good pick up in my opinion, possible sleeper pick. Grade B-

No. 68

Presented by Buc'Em

Quincy Black
New Mexico

"Black is a high-motor player that rarely makes mistakes. He possesses good range versus the run and he has developed into a playmaker as a pass rusher" - from

So I've been nice thus far . . . that stops here. WHAT ARE WE DOING WITH THIS PICK??? What part of this cats game and college say "DRAFT ME"? Here I'll help you, NOTHING. First off, he plays outside linebacker! No we don't have an abundance of those (Derrick Brooks, Cato June, Jamue Winborn, and Ryan Nece). We're seemingly content with LB Barrett Ruud taking over for injury plagued LB Shelton Quarles. I'm fine with that, I really am, but let's look at the facts. Here's two players stats, tell me who you'd rather have:

Player 1: (6'1 240 4.42 40) 10 starts 63 total tackles 3.5 tackles for loss 1.5 sacks 2 int's
Player 2: (5'9 240 4.64 40) 13 starts 109 tackles 8 tackles for loss 5 sacks 1 int's 2 forced fumbles 1 fumble recovery 1 safety

I hope you selected Player #2 despite his lack of size. Player No. 2 is MIDDLE Linebacker Buster Davis from Florida State. He went to Arizona who had the following pick. Freak the homer monicker, this was a no-brainer. Not to mention he plays MIDDLE LINEBACKER and had crazy sick numbers. Black will be lucky to make the damn team. This was a pathetic way to end the first day of the draft. Bruce you havent learned a thing from GM Rich McKay have you? You draft the Local Guy over Mr. Irrelevant everytime. Especially when the local guy walks circles around Mr. Irrelevant in the "Bring it Department" (stat lines). What a shame. Quit ignoring the Big Time Athletes from Big Time schools. Your ability to Draft unknowns in the past has got you NO-WHERE. It's obviously working out for you, so by all means keep it up <-- obvious sarcasm ... We'll enjoy watching Mr. Davis when he comes to town this season with the up-and-coming Arizona Cardinals