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Three Draft Scenarios, One Hideous Outcome


Draft Guru from Fox Sports Radio, says JaMarcus to Raiders is a definite. GM Rich McKay and Head Coach Bobby Petrino aren't on the same page with Owner Arthur Blank in terms of doing what it takes to Draft Calvin Johnson. The Browns WILL Draft QB Brady Quinn (he said a source within their organization tipped him off). OUR BUCS LIKE DE ADAMS and LOVE DT OKOYE, GRUDEN TAKE AMOBI!!!!! The Guru thinks its too early to draft Okoye. Just watching Gaines' Videos at Nike Rookie, Amobi just looks like a bigger threat. It seemed like Gaines could have lined up at Wide Receiver.

Pro Football Talk is reporting on three perceived Draft Scenario's:

(1) The Oakland Raiders are 80% certain to Draft QB JaMarcus Russell

(2) Owner Arthur Blank has told GM Rich McKay of the Atlanta Falcons to trade up with Detroit for the rights to Draft WR Calvin Johnson, "To get it done."

(3) The Browns are 50/50 on whether to Draft RB Adrian Peterson or OT Joe Thomas

Good for the Raiders they may eventually have a decent team. Damn the Falcons!!! Good Luck to the Browns, heh